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Drone Services And Drone Life Coaching

Drone Services


Joe has always been at the forefront of technology.  When he got his hands on his first drone, he could not stop flying it.  It opened up a new world.  Joe now offers drone services for the following:


Weddings (why not have a sky high picture of your outdoor wedding or venue?)


Real Estate (show off that beautiful house with drone pictures and video)


Events (city and county events, festivals, parades)


Landscape Companies (show off your amazing work)


Golf Courses (show off your golf course with spectacular photos and videos)


Family Portraits (take a different type of picture that includes every family member)


Call Joe today at 302-383-3298 for pricing and information.


Drone Life Coaching

Joe has created what he believes is a new and unique perspective on coaching. Utilizing drone photos and videos, Joe has a new altitude on the coaching industry!



Of course, you can always send Joe a message through this form!

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